909: May 26, 2015

It was 6:58. Jenna was waiting on the offramp with a dozen other cars. She was so close. She figured she’d missed all of the stars arriving, but at least she could still say she went to the premiere. The light turned green and cars snaked right onto Wilshire, where they stopped again. She tried […]

909: May 25, 2015

Natalie tinkered with the bar set in the limo, flicking the martini glasses with her fingernails to make them chime. She traced her finger along a bottle of chilled Champagne, writing “Natty” in the condensation. Alex noticed. “You want some Champagne?” She wrote “NO” on the bottle. “Babe?” “I said no.” “You didn’t say anything.” […]

909: May 24, 2015

Jenna was frantic. She was frustrated, sad, and most of all, angry with herself for not heeding Deanne’s advice. She was going to miss the premiere, and after spending so much time and money on her outfit. “This stupid, stupid dress,” she spat at the car in front of her. She’d have to explain to […]

909: May 23, 2015

Jenna was sweating. It was 5:45. She was at least 40 miles outside of Hollywood. Deanne had been right. She should have left much earlier. The stalled car blocking the slow lane in Rancho Cucamonga had set her back at least 30 minutes, and the rush hour traffic in L.A. County was merciless. She remembered […]

909: May 22, 2015

Something was tickling Natalie’s ear. “Babe. Babe. NAT!” Natalie started awake. She blinked and looked around. “You in there?” She was beginning to realize the nice-looking but vacant face in front of her was her boyfriend’s. “Mm. Yeah. I’m here.” “You have any idea what time it is?” “Time…? No. What day is it?” Alex […]

909: May 21, 2015

Deanne had set up a makeshift beauty salon in Jenna’s bedroom. The evidence of her efforts were strewn about: Wet towels draped across the bed, vials and bottles crowded the dressing table, heated hairstyling instruments plugged into every available outlet. Jenna wondered how it was that all makeup smelled the same. Not individually, no, but […]

909: May 20, 2015

“What time are you leaving again?” Jenna maneuvered her Toyota onto Highland Ave. “Well, it starts at 6:00. I think I should probably leave here around 4:30.” “You sure that’s enough time?” “It’s not in another state, Deanne. It’s just in Hollywood. It’s what? 60 miles?” “But with traffic, you should probably give yourself a […]

909: May 19, 2015

“It’s noon.” Natalie heard a fuzzy, buzzing sound in the air. “Hey. Babe? It’s noon.” The sound got louder and more insistent. “Nat. Nat. Time to get up, sleepyhead. Hey.” The buzzing formed words. She put them together in her head, but they didn’t make sense. She opened her eyes. “There you are! I was […]

909: May 18, 2015

Jenna’s fork speared through tomato, lettuce and chicken. She shoved the salad totem pole in her mouth, chewing listlessly. “That’s the word he used? ‘Silly’?” Deanne said. “Yes. He specifically said ‘silly.’” Jenna’s fork went in for another nonchalant kill. Hapless tomatoes spewed seeds and jelly gore. “Rob’s an idiot,” Deanne said, hunting her own […]

909: May 17, 2015

Natalie awoke, blinking. Something woke her, but she wasn’t sure what it was. “Alex? You home?” She waited for a response, but got none. Her eyes fluttered shut. “Natty? What is this?” Natalie’s eyes opened again. No one called her Natty but— Natalie’s grandmother shuffled from the bathroom holding a small silver object. She frowned […]