909: June 30, 2015

“This is bullshit, Kate.” Kate stared at the phone sitting on her desk, the indignant voice pouring out of its tiny speaker. She was infuriated by Alex’s attitude, but knew he wouldn’t respond well to scolding. She had to make sure to leave his ego in tact or he’d shut down. She composed herself before […]

909: June 29, 2015

Noah could see the SUV, but if another car separated them or if they made a sudden turn, he’d be in danger of losing them. He was confused but thankful when the Toyota unexpectedly swerved and stopped. Noah pulled over three houses down from where the SUV sat askew. He could see their silhouettes, Jenna […]

909: June 28, 2015

Natalie was smirking at Jenna. At first, Jenna tried to ignore it, but soon she could no longer stand it. “What?” Natalie waggled her eyebrows. “What?!” “That guy was cute.” “Uh huh.” “He liiiiiiked you. I mean, he liked-you liked you.” “Stop it.” “When are you going to figure out you’re a hottie?” “I’m not […]

909: June 27, 2015

Noah decided to pass on the nearby Taco Bell in favor of local fare. A quick search of online reviews pointed him in the direction of a hole-in-the-wall place not too far from his hotel. He hid his laptop under the car seat, sweet-talked the CRX into starting, and was burrito-bound. He pondered his new […]

909: June 26, 2015

Natalie sat quietly in the shadows under the patio awning, sipping a Vanilla Diet Pepsi and swaying in the suspended bamboo chair. She attempted to decline Aunt Cat’s insistence that she try Uncle Mike’s new concoction called “Trailer Park,” but it was thrust into her hand anyway. She had one sip before Jenna gave her […]

Sorry for the delay.

Hi, Sorry for the delay in posts. Bad preparation plus unexpected issues resulted in blank days. I’m working on updates right now. In fact, it would probably be best if you stayed right here and refreshed this page for a while. I mean, you’ve got nothing better to do, right? Thanks for your patience. Keri

909: June 24, 2015

Noah finished his second Venti iced coffee as well as his plan of attack. He’d do a little tour of San Bernardino, checking popular areas like shopping centers. On Monday, he’d take a drive around the college parking lot. For now, he was left with nothing to do except peruse Facebook and tremble with caffeination. […]

909: June 23, 2015

Natalie balanced the platter of alien-looking cookies on her lap. “What are these things called again?” she said, peering at the beige nests. “Haystacks,” Jenna said, turning her car onto a shady street. It was lined with cars on both sides. “Crap. I keep forgetting how many people come to this thing.” She glanced at […]

909: June 22, 2015

Noah left his motel room in favor of the nearby Starbucks. He was mildly surprised that San Bernardino had one of the seemingly ubiquitous coffee shops, then he remembered Starbucks had successfully become the 21st century watering hole. His realization that the world was becoming homogenous depressed him, but hypocritically, he was glad to have […]

909: June 21, 2015

“Higher,” Natalie said. Jenna twisted at the waist, trying to get a look at her own butt. She yanked the thong higher up on her hips, revealing more of its yellow-green waistband. “If I pull this thing up any higher I’ll have to send a search and rescue team to dig it out later. How’s […]