909: August 2, 2015

“What are you doing home?” Jenna said, walking up the driveway. “I wasn’t expecting you until this evening.” Rob looked startled, even scared. “I, um. Meetings ended early today, so I thought I’d beat traffic,” he said. Jenna nodded. “Huh. Nice. It was good of them to let you leave early after they paid for […]

909: August 1, 2015

“There she is!” Dan pointed and jumped up and down in his seat. “Go!” Dan didn’t need to offer encouragement. Kate had already reversed out of the space before Dan had opened his mouth. She followed the SUV out of the parking lot, primly pushing Dan’s pointing finger out of her face without a word. […]

909: July 31, 2015

“I’m not following this at all,” Jenna said, frowning at Noah. Noah had just finished telling her who he was and what he was doing there, but hadn’t done a very good job of it. His rehearsal muddied in his head, and his words came out tangled, folding over themselves into a jumbled loop of […]

909: July 30, 2015

“You want some company?” Deanne stuck her head around Jenna’s cubicle. Jenna was gathering her purse and shutting down her computer in preparation for lunch. She shook her head. “Not today, okay?” she said. “I think I need a little time to myself. I’m going to take my sad little lunch out to the quad.” […]

909: July 29, 2015

Noah made slow progress along University Parkway. The street was quiet; only the summer school students were in session, and he was thankful for that. Every car that passed threw off his balance, and the smells of exhaust, hot tar, and faintly, manure, were assaulting his nose. He kept his mind off of losing what […]

909: July 28, 2015

Kate stared out the window while Dan obsessively checked his phone. Nothing from any of the major outlets. Nothing from the guy he’d put on Alex’s tail. There was just a whole lot of nothing right now, and that made Dan nervous. He could deal with stuff blowing up; handling crises was his specialty. The […]

909: July 27, 2015

Something was stabbing Noah in the forehead, just above the bridge of his nose. He opened his eyes, expecting to find a large knitting needle nestled into the front of his skull, but was instead met with a sliver of sunlight jabbing its way through the faded curtains and into his eyes. He screwed his […]

909: July 26, 2015

Jenna breathed a sigh of relief. She saw nothing unusual. There were a few recent spam emails, a newsletter from a sporting goods store, a forwarded joke from his aunt. Deanne and Natalie glanced at each other. Natalie cleared her throat. “What?” Jenna asked, turning around. “Check the trash folder,” Deanne said. Jenna didn’t want […]

909: July 25, 2015

“I can’t believe you just let him walk out,” Kate was pacing the room, one palm dramatically perched on her forehead. “Kate, you’re acting like I held the door open for him, gave him a hobo pack and a $20 bill and said, ‘Good luck, chum.’ I fell asleep. He left. What do you want […]

909: July 24, 2015

“You can’t reset it,” Deanne was saying over Jenna’s shoulder. “He’ll get an email notice his password has been reset. And if he sees it before you can delete it, you’re screwed.” “Okay,” Jenna said, “then what do you suggest?” “What was his password before?” Natalie asked. “It was ’65mustang,’” Jenna said. “He used to […]